Bluetooth version: V5.0, BLE, Mash, aptX, aptX-HD

RF Power Class: Class I; Class II

Bluetooth Profile: HFP1.5; HSP1.0; A2DP1.2; AVRCP; SPP; OPP; L2CAP; HDP; ICP

Other 3rd party software: TTS(Text to Speech), Echo Cancellation and noise reduction (CVC, ForteMedia), aptX

Technical: Data transfer, AG for intercom, Display and Voice Caller ID, Multilink, Phonebook synchronization, Near-Field auto pairing, Voice commend

Application: Data link; Motorbike helmet intercom headset; Gaming headset; Mono / Stereo headset; AG and headset for Radio / Walkie-talkie and Nextel; Carkit; Hands-free Speakerphone, Multimedia speaker, high-end speaker. Bluetooth Video Cam for iPhone/iPad and Android

Wireless Audio

Frequency: 2.4G, 5.1G, 5.8G

RF distance: 10M; 50M, 100M, 500M, 1000M

Technical: FHSS, Two way transfer (Voice Back), 24Bit / 96K, 4 channels OTA, Point-to –Multi (up to 4) in stereo. Single channel for Voice or subwoofer, Ti-band auto adaptation for avoiding high density interference, Co-exit with other wireless like wifi and Bluetooth, low latency, Broadcasting or secure link. Supports 5.1/7.1

Application: Wireless high end headphone; Wireless Gaming headset; Long distance intercom communication; Wireless microphone; Wireless subwoofer; High quality audio transmission; Wireless speaker; Wireless Dolby headphone / speaker

USB Audio

Technical: USB1.1, USB2.0, Asynchronous Transmission, HID, PID / VID, echo cancellation

Application: USB stereo DAC, USB 5.1 DAC, USB stereo headset, USB real 5.1 headphone, USB VOIP speaker, High end USB speaker

Digital Audio

Technical: SPDIF / I2S convert, PCM codec / transfer, Bit and Sampling rate converting, MFI (Made for iPhone / iPad)

Application: Digital power amplifier, Audio converter, Audio DAC, iPhone / iPad docking digital speaker

Echo Cancellation / Noise Reduction

Technical: Echo Cancellation for handsfree, Environment Noise reduction

Application: Bluetooth handsfree speaker, USB VOIP speaker, wired mobile phone handsfree speaker, aviation headphone

Sound Effect / Enhancement

Techninal: Dolby Digital plus, Dolby PlIIx, Dolby Headphone, Dolby virtue speaker DTS NEO, etc

Application: Home theater system, Headphone / Headset, Speaker, Amplifier